SSD Cloud Server in 30 sec.

Create your first Cloud Server in 30 seconds. Scale up and down or create more servers as needed. Use's services to tie it all together in the cloud. 100% usage-based and 100% SSD from Danish data center.

Create Account

Create Account

Create Cloud Servers

Create Cloud Servers

Move in the cloud

Move in the cloud


Create individual Cloud Servers or build your own Virtual Datacenter with our Public Cloud.

A virtual data center

We build, operate and maintain the physical infrastructure that lies beneath our Public Cloud. It enables you to create Cloud Servers on demand, manage network, firewalls, backups, etc., and in that way build your own virtual datacenter.

Usage-based billing

All services are billed based on usage, and you pay only for what you use. No bond is necessary.

Automatic scalability

With Public Cloud you can scale vCPU, Ram & Disk for your Cloud Servers as needed - both manually or automatically. For example, you can turn down at night when there is less load, and thus save money. Control Panel

Public Cloud features

Create individual Cloud Servers or build your virtual datacenter with Public Cloud. Fully integrated with load balancers as a Service, it allows you both to scale up and out.

SSD Cloud Server

Create a scalable Cloud Server with 100% SSD of 30 seconds.


Scale both up and out, manually or automatically.

Danish Hosting's data centers are all located in Denmark . is 100 % Danish hosting.


Powerful API makes it easy to integrate Public Cloud with other systems.


Create both private network for internal traffic (free) and manage publicly available IP addresses.

Backup & Snapshots

Backup both an entire Cloud Server and individual files / systems.

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