About us

We have a passion for designing and creating revolutionary cloud soultions. We are a team of highly motivated nerds, who stribe to deliver the best possible!

A platform with no limits

Cloud.dk is not only the largest cloud provider, but also one of the most visionary and promising hosting companies in Denmark.

Cloud.dk is the first danish public cloud. Cloud.dk focuses on delivery cloud-solutions adapted the Scandinavian market. Our vision is to be the leading cloud-provider in Scandinavia and to offer the most solid, stable and professional alternative to traditional computing and hosting to danish and nordic companies.

Cloud.dk's datacenters are all located i Denmark. We can therefore guarentee, that all data is stored in Denmark.

A cloud without single-points-of-failure

Every individual component in our Public Cloud is designed with performance and redundancy in mind. Therefore there are no single-points-of-failure, which helps ensure a high quality and stabile hosting.

datacenter compute


All physical servers in Cloud.dk is built with modern and high performing Enterprise Class hardware from Dell. These are frequently updated and replaced to ensure that we are always on edge with the technological development. Hardware replacement and maintenance is done transparently and does not affect the cloud servers.


Our central storage systems based on Enterprise Class hardware are all built with 100% SSD disks. High performance and data integrity in our focus.

datacenter Storage
datacenter network


Cloud.dk is connected to the Internet with separate connections from TDC, Telia, GlobalConnect and Nianet. This protects us from flaws and errors and ensures that we can provide our customers with a fast and stabile Internet-connection at all times.

datacenter power


Our data center is primarily powered by the public power-grid, primarily provided by green energy. In case of a power-failure, all datacenters have UPS-facilities and diesel generators that kicks in instantly and ensures a continuous powersupply.

This is why you should choose us

Cloud.dk is primarily powered by green energy generated by danish windmills and solar cells. Every year we implement new initiatives to save more CO2.

Danish Cloud

Danish law, danish datacenters and nordic (and english) support! We focus on the scandinavian market.

Easy to understand our prices

The business strength of cloud computing lies in the obvious economic benefits that a fully scalable and hardware-free IT solution delivers.

Development in the cloud

Are you a software developer? Cloud.dk offers software developers- and companies a flexible and scalable on-demand development platform.


Cloud.dk have thousands of satisfied customers. Everything from small startup companies to large, reputable companies and non-profit organizations use Cloud.dk.