Introducing High Memory & Custom Packages

11. October, 2018

For the past 2 years we've had 8 different Cloud Server packages that our customers could choose from. They've fitted most of our customers, and hey, let's be straight, for those it hasn't we've been flexible and found a solution. But as we've grown, so has our customers needs. Therefore we're now introducing new Standard Packages and two new types of Cloud Server packages:


High Memory Cloud Servers
The price of our new High Memory Cloud Servers isn't much different from the Standard Packages, but they are equipped with less CPU and more Memory. The feedback from our customers up until now is that they've used it for databases, key/value stores and similar projects that requires significantly more Memory than other applications. 

Custom Packages
When combining the new packages, we offer 16 different Cloud Server configurations. While this does indeed meet most demands, we acknowledge that it may not meet all. Therefore we've also introduced Custom Cloud Server Packages. These have two unique selling points compared to our Standard Packages and High Memory Cloud Server Packages:

1) You can combine Cpu, Memory and Disk exactly as you need them, and pay according to the resources you put in your server. 

2) With the new Custom Package Cloud Servers, Cpu and Memory is only charged when the server is booted! This gives a whole new flexibility! If you have systems that only needs to be booted, perform an action and then shut down again, you can now do this and only pay for the active hours. You can do this manually from our control panel, or automate it and power your server on/off via our API. 

And of course, you can always change the Cpu and Memory in your server, using our control panel or API.  


You can see the prices of our new Standard Packages, High Memory Packages and Custom Packages here:

If you have any questions regarding the new packages, feel free to reach out to us here on our website or e-mail

Written by Anders Eiler. CTO @ Clouddk