Keep an eye on your usage

04. January, 2018

We've added a new feature to our control panel that helps you keep an eye on your usage on our platform. 



Choose "My Account" -> "Notifications" in the menu. Here you can add notifications that keeps an eye on your usage. If your usage rises above the thredshold set by your notification, you will receive an alert via e-mail.

The sum of all the usage on your account is used here. Each notification is sent max once per time interval you choose. Fx a daily notification is only sent once per day, and a monthly is only sent once per month (both only in the case that the usage is above the chosen thredshold). 

Note that this is only notifications. They do not put any limits on your usage, nor do they affect the operations of your Cloud Servers in any way. 

Written by Anders Eiler. CTO @ Clouddk