Welcome to the new Cloud.dk

03. March, 2017

Cloud.dk has since 2011 been the leading Public Cloud, where we have delivered infrastructure to thousands of cloud servers for both Danish and foreign companies and organizations.

To give both new and existing customers a better experience and a wider variety of cloud services we have in the past year worked on a wide range of new initiatives. We lift this veil for the first:

New website

Cloud.dk've got a design boost, and by design we mean not only the graphic:

  • On Cloud.dk you will now find more and better content about what we offer within Compute, Storage, Networking and Services - including prices, specifications and functionality
  • As something new, we have started a blog, where we will keep you updated on new features, products and services
  • If you're an English speaker, you can now access an English version of cloud.dk.

New ownership and upgraded infrastructure

Cloud.dk was in December 2016 a part of Zitcom Group. It means we've got a strong owner in the back, which over the last 15 years has been among the leading hosting companies in Denmark.

With the new and greater resources, we get more hands to expand our platform with value-added solutions and access to better technology and infrastructure.

The first upgrades of our infrastructure is under way or already completed. This applies in particular .:

  • SSD Block Storage: All block storage devices based in future on pure SSD storage.
  • New compute instances: All physical compute instances are upgraded to new DELL servers.

Before long, our customers can also look forward to:

  • 10 Gbit / s network infrastructure: All redundant systems is updated to 10 Gbit / s network connections with redundant 40 Gbit / s backbone.

The upgrades that are underway or planned, will not affect active services. Will the currently - for example, if we are to make major upgrades of our infrastructure - we advertise it as always on https://status.cloud.dk.

Roadmap 2017

We have already completed the first two major projects on our 2017 roadmap (new website and updating the infrastructure).

We are also ready with the first new feature, Cloud Apps that are scalable web applications that are automatically installed and maintained Cloud.dk Cloud Servers.

You can read about the new feature here: https://cloud.dk/da/compute/cloud-apps

2017 will also offer:

  • New control panel: We want to make a more simple control panel that integrates all our services and making them easily accessible to our customers.
  • New API: We already offer a comprehensive API for our customers, but will at the same time with the new control panel will launch a new API that unifies all functions of Cloud.dk.
  • Container Cloud: We are doing proof of concept testing of a Container Cloud environment to provide container hosting in our public cloud.


If you have questions or comments?

We hope that you will welcome the new Cloud.dk and the many new features, you can enjoy now or look forward to in the course of 2017.

If you have questions or comments to the blog post, feel free to drop a comment in the thread. Otherwise you will find our contact information here: https://cloud.dk/da/kontakt.

Written by Anders Eiler. CTO @ Clouddk