This page will be updated over time with relevant content regarding your personal informations, certifications and security.

Data processor

Since we function as data processor for a lot of our customers we encourage these to enter into a data processing agreement with us.

If you store or manage personal informations using your solution with us, you must enter a data processing agreement with us.

In your control panel you can enter into a standarized data processing agreement with us. We cannot cutomize our data processing agreements. If you have any questions regarding the data processor agreement or EU's GDPR, you must contact your advisors. cannot advise regarding GDPR.

Compliance Newsletter

Subscribe to our Compliance Newsletter, to state up-to-date on our policies, data processors and revisions.

We have three categories that you can subscribe to:

1. Security, private informations & compliance

General news about security, private informations and compliance.

2. Data processors

Receive a notification if changes data processors.

3. Revisions and certifications

Receive a notification if gets new - or renews - our certifications.

Sub Data Processors are not using any sub data processors.

Company Country Function Compliance
Ping IT Denmark Deletion and destruction on deprecated storage medias and hardware -
The list will be updated over time.