Anycast DNS Anycast DNS is easy and free DNS hosting for the domains you associate with your Cloud Servers at Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS is the fastest way through the Internet

Take advantage of our 24 geographically distributed name servers to always achieve lowest response time.

Anycast DNS is to DNS, what a Content Delivery Network is to contents. It leads the visitor to the nearest DNS server, to provide the fastest response times. Advantages of Anycast DNS is:

  • Easy and free administration of the DNS from a single control panel.
  • Stable and scalable DNS hosting with 24 geographically distributed DNS servers.

It is free to get started. New DNS zones can be created through our control panel.

Anycast DNS Features

Move your DNS hosting to the cloud with the rest of your infrastructure.

No cost

It's free use Anycast DNS.

Stable DNS network

Anycast DNS network consists of 24 geographically distributed name servers and are therefore always available.

Reverse DNS Anycast DNS also allows Reverse DNS on the IP addresses associated with your services at


Create both IPv4 and IPv6 records with Anycast DNS, also for Reverse DNS.