Private networks

Use one or more private networks in Public Cloud to tie your Cloud Servers together and communicate internally.

Tie your infrastructure together

Use one or more Private Networks to bind multiple Cloud Servers together.

Setup of large applications often requires that the load is split between multiple Cloud Servers. This could be a web server cluster behind a load-balancer, which need a backend database and cache server.

Easy to set up in our control panel

  • Free internal IP traffic on a gigabit network between your Cloud Servers.
  • Tight security between one or more Private Network and public networks with firewalls and Private Gateways.

Private Network, firewalls and Private Gateways can be created and managed via the control panel.

Private Network Features

While IP traffic on the public network billed per GB traffic above 1 TB, Private Network is a good alternative, with the clear advantage that IP traffic is free!

No cost

It is free to create Private Network, like IP traffic on Private Network is free.

Private IP-traffic

IP traffic on Private Network takes place in closed network, and thus can not be seen by the outside world.

Multiple networks

Create multiple Private Network for different purposes, and create the necessary gateways to router between them.

IPv6 Private Network is fully IPv4 and IPv6 compatible. You can create Private Network of both types.