pricing's cloud services are billed based on simple and pay-as-you-go based principles.

Simple and fair billing

Three principles apply to ensure simple and fair billing of our services.

No up-front investments

You need only to add your credit card to your account before you can get started. Pay-as-you-go with no up-front investments.

No commitment

If you don't need your services anymore, you can simply turn them off or delete them. The billing will stop from that same moment.

Hour-based billing model

All services are billed per hour and/or usagebased. You only pay for the resources your setup actually consumes.

SSD Cloud Server

# SSD Disk Memory vCPU IP Traffic Price per month
S1 20 GB SSD 512 MB 1 1000 GB € 4.7 /mo
S2 30 GB SSD 1 GB 1 2000 GB € 9.5 /mo
S3 40 GB SSD 2 GB 1 3000 GB € 18 /mo
S4 60 GB SSD 4 GB 2 4000 GB € 37.5 /mo
S5 80 GB SSD 8 GB 4 5000 GB € 75 /mo
S6 120 GB SSD 12 GB 6 6000 GB € 110 /mo
S7 160 GB SSD 16 GB 8 7000 GB € 150 /mo
S8 240 GB SSD 24 GB 10 8000 GB € 225 /mo
Windows Cloud Server license adds an additional € 17.5 per month to the Cloud Server price.

SSD Block-Storage

# Price per month
SSD Block-Storage € 0,13 /GB
Snapshots € 0,13 /GB

Backup as a Service

# Price per month
File-based Backup-as-a-Service € 0,33 /GB /mo. (sold in packages of 100 GB)
Replication to secondary backup site € 0,66 /GB /month

Flexible Payment methods offers both pre-payment and post-payment of the usage on your account. All new accounts are created with post-payment, but you can choose to pre-pay an amount of your choice via our control panel.



Post-payments let you use our platform with no limits. Your account will there be negative. On the 1st of every month we will send you an invoice covering the usage in the past month. All customers has to add a credit card to their account from which the invoice will be paid. It is possible to request credit and thereby use alternative payment methods such as bank transfers.

Alternative billing

If you or your organisation have special requests regarding billing, you can use prepayment with Paypal / bank transfer or have your payment terms modified. Request approval via our control panel.


A new way to bill Cloud Computing

We find it important to make the billing simple and flexible at the same time. You pay-as-you-go based on your actual usage.


You are only charged for the resources you actually use. If you turn off a Cloud Server, CPU and Ram is not billed.

Hour-based billing

All services are billed per hour. If you need more capacity for fx 4 hours, the extra resources are only billed during those 4 hours.

Automatic payments

Our system will automatically pay your invoices to keep your account running.

High-Usage warnings

If your account is suddenly spending more money than usual, you will get a warning via e-mail.

Automatic VIP support

When your dialy usage reaches € 20 your support requests are automatically put in the top of the queue.