Backup as a Service

You can not afford to lose your data! Save one or more copies of our remote data center.

Backup pricing

Our packages are predefined and automatically scales as your needs grow.

€ 33 /month

€ 166 /month

€ 333 /month

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Greater need?

Do you need backup in excess of 1 TB? Then we can make a special solution and price for you.

With a custom solution, you have the option of paying monthly in arrears for actual consumption.

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Secure backup at multiple locations

Backup as a Service is offered both to a single data center, but also as backup replicated to multiple data centers.

Backup as a Service is an incredibly flexible in product offering to backup mission critical data and keep them isolated from operations. It is the best and only way to ensure that if a disaster occurs. Backup as a Service offering:

  • File-based backup of both Windows and Linux machines using our backup agent.
  • Incremental backup only saves the changes.
  • Optional number of snapshots and retention, fx 7 daily, 4 weekly and 12 monthly backups.
  • Optional interval between backups, for example, daily for files and every 6 hours for databases.
  • Possible replication of backup to secondary backup site.

It is possible to use Backup as a Service with any system, both's systems or your own local servers.

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