SSD Block Storage

Add Block Storage devices to your Cloud Servers. Al Block Storage is based SSD. Choose from 1GB to 8TB. SSD Block-Storage features SSD Block Storage is designed for high performance, low latency, high flexibility and ensuring data integrity.


Block Storage is provided from centralized Storage Systems installed in RAIDS, ensuring data integrity and insures against loss of data.


Scale devices from 1GB up to 8TB. Existing disks can also be scaled both up and down as needed.


It is possible to connect several Block-Storage devices to the same cloud server. Choose your own file system and configuration of each device.

High performance SSD Block-Storage devices are offered all from a pure SSD-based storage solution.

Image-based incremental snapshot offers the ability to automatically image-based snapshots of Block Storage devices that are stored in a separate backup environment.

Image-based snapshot differs from Backup-as-a-Service knows that this service takes a full snapshot of a whole Block Storage device.

  • Snapshots are saved in a separate backup environment.
  • Optional automatic snapshots and managing retention.
  • Restore snapshots to scroll a Block Storage-device back.
  • Option to convert a snapshot to a template, as new Cloud Server can be booted from.